Two 🐕 🐕 and a 🐈 and before them a journey to their home across two hundred and fifty miles of the wildest part of Canada. Tao, the Siamese cat, the hunter; Luath, the Labrador retriever, the navigator; but the bull terrier, bodger. Was old too old, perhaps, to endure…

This is the story of three animals who traveled home together across two hundred and fifty miles of the wildest part of Canada: how Luath,a young golden Labrador, tao, a Siamese cat and bodger,an old bull terrier, set off to trek through the wilderness on their soft domestic paws. Each animal is a character in it’s own right: Luath, gentle and civilized, who led his companions; Tao, pampered but hard and the”bread-winner” of the party; and bodger, bred to fight and endure, but old when the journey began.

The author, Sheila burnford, knows her characters well enough-the three animals were her pets. Out of her close observation of their habits, their characteristics and their relationships grew the idea for this her first book. sheila burnford was born in Scotland and now lives at Port Author, Ontario, Canada. She is married and has three children. During the war she served in Royal Naval Hospitals and, after her marriage,as an ambulance driver. She holds a pilots licence and is a keen shot.